Older guys do it better

I’ve always liked older guys there just more experienced ( sexually, mentally, and emotionally ) and they fucking sexy. Personally I like older men but there’s things that can never happen so you can’t expect them to. 

– can’t fall in love with him, because they aren’t in love with you. ( Not the way you think) 

– You can’t expect him to drop everything for you, it never works that way. 

– If he’s married he will most likely never leave his wife for you. 

(He’s comfortable in his perfect life you actually think he’d would ruin it all for some young mindless girl, NO WAY Honey. )

So so so yes it’s a thrill that makes you feel like the world is forever beautiful and sparkly but… It always ends in flames and that’s never a good way to live life. I will tell you that it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. And it’s not a good opinion I might add. When you love someone and feel all these emotions it’s incredible, magical, and you own the freaking world when your with him. 

I know you think I’m fucking out of my mind but you’d be too if you found a older guys to share you body, mind and soul with.  







Oral sex

 Alright, so many people are against oral sex for some reason and many are in to it. But you know it’s really depending on the people that are doing it. If you have a Boyfriend/ girlfriend that wants to give you little kiss down there then it’s all good as long as your cool with it. But the reason some people aren’t into it is because they think it’s Disrespectful which I agree, but…. Depending on the circumstances. Well let me tell you a little story…. 

So I was really not into this guy and he was totally in to me. I came over his house to watch friends (- A classic 90’s hit tv show that everyone should know) anyway, I was laying in his bed just watching the show and then he starts touching me without consent and that’s Not Okay. At this point in totally grossed out but I don’t want to be rude, I laid there and he tried to touch me again and I grabbed his hand pulled it up so he couldn’t touch me there. And of course he tries again, and again, I finally said “Stop” and he didn’t listen he kept trying to get with me all night and then he pulled his penis out and tries to put it in my mouth continuously saying just try it. “No,” I replied. “I don’t fucking like you” I grabbed my shit and walked out his house and walked all the way to a mall and called my mom to come get me. That’s when it’s disrespectful. That’s when it’s not fucking okay. But if you are into it use protection and make sure your little “friend” is clean and not full of horrible STD’s .